​​​​​Auto Accidents + 18-Wheeler Collisions + Serious Injury Claims

​​​​​​Louisiana Workers' Compensation Claims


Obtaining benefits for injured workers after an accident on-the-job has long been a passion of ours at A. A. Adkinson, and we take great pride in helping clients maintain a sense of normalcy in their daily lives even after an injury has put them out of a job.  Louisiana workers' compensation is overseen by its own administrative court system with unique and ever-changing standards. You'll need an attorney familiar with all the ins and outs of the process, especially at the beginning of your case, when certain, crucial steps MUST be taken in order to prevent later complications (and possibly the complete denial of your claim). If you were hurt at work, do not hesitate!  Serious injuries can appear insignificant at first, and you may be tempted to "work through the pain" rather than risk losing your job by reporting the accident to your boss.  DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP!  It could lead to serious future consequences, not only for your health, but for your compensation claim, as well.  Report the at-work injury right away, then call A. A. Adkinson, Workers' Compensation Attorney, before you sign a single document or grant any written or recorded statements to anyone. Remember, these benefits may be your only source of income and medical treatment during your recovery period.  Don't risk them!

​​​​​Jones Act + Maritime + Longshore Claims

Attorney Alistair A. Adkinson has handled auto accidents and negligence claims, both big and small, throughout his career, and has won verdicts for his clients in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and most of their surrounding parishes. He has successfully pursued cases against 18-wheeler companies and claims involving significant physical injuries and substantial damages. When choosing a personal injury attorney to represent you in these complicated cases, hiring an experienced litigator is critically important, as tractor-trailer lawsuits often involve highly specialized, technical evidence. Professional truck drivers (and the rigs they operate) are subject to additional state and federal regulations that do not apply to the general public, and a good working knowledge of these rules can often make or break cases involving trucking negligence. Serious, crippling injury cases can involve vast amounts of technical medical evidence, sometimes overwhelming the inexperienced or unprepared. In cases where serious, life-threatening injuries are present, damages can include complicated elements like future lost wages, loss of future earning potential, skilled nursing care, surgical procedures, and other long-term costs. Successfully proving the value of these future damages requires technical mathematical formulas and testimony from numerous expert witnesses. You need an attorney who can interpret expert findings correctly and explain them to your jury before they render their verdict. Having a lawyer in your corner who has "been there and done that"  can go a long way toward obtaining the BEST results.

​​​​​Auto Accidents + 18-Wheeler Collisions + Serious Injury Claims

Specialized federal laws apply to most shipboard injuries and accidents -- whether they occur on a tugboat, jack-up barge, oil tanker, or other type of vessel.  Like most technical legal areas, federal maritime regulations involves their own, unique set of pitfalls and traps for the unwary or inexperienced injury lawyer. Further complicating matters when it comes to accidents at sea are the various legal principals crafted solely by the federal courts, themselves, without appeal to any legislation or code book (known as the federal "common law"). Maritime law isn't something that anyone can just "look up" on the fly. You'll need a knowledgeable and experienced maritime attorney in order to protect your rights. Where an accident is caused by a defect in a vessel or by its inadequate or poorly-trained crew, boating safety experts are required to successfully prove the existence of defective conditions.  It is absolutely essential that you retain a lawyer who can preserve your rights properly and successfully present your case to the judge or jury.  Over the years, Alistair A. Adkinson has handled dozens of maritime matters in all three Louisiana Federal Districts -- cases involving defective deck designs, faulty deck lighting, poor vessel maintenance and upkeep, inadequate crew training, improper disaster response, and various other dangerous scenarios.  If you believe your injuries were caused, in any way, by the fault of a vessel owner or some defect in the vessel's design or maintenance, DON'T WAIT! Call maritime injury lawyer A. A. Adkinson today.  Even if you weren't on duty at the time, you may still qualify for Jones Act benefits regardless of fault and regardless of your actual presence on the boat at the time the accident took place. Know your Rights!  Contact us ANY time you are injured while working or listed as a ship's crewmember.

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